Our Team

Hunter Flournoy
is an inspiring, warm and
open-hearted man.

He is the director and visionkeeper of Spirit Journeys, one of the first organizations in the world to have offered spiritual journeys and retreats for LGBTQ people.

As a heart-centered life coach, therapist, and spiritual healer, Hunter helps others break free into more powerful, joyful lives through self-love, conscious breathing, and joyfully embodied spiritual practice. He is a pioneer in the use of breathwork in trauma and addiction treatment and the creator of Somatic Breath Coaching. His work integrates two decades as a licensed psychotherapist with twenty-five years of experience in the world's shamanic and ecstatic mystical traditions.

Hunter offers individual sessions by phone and in person (in Asheville), retreats, ceremonies, and journeys around the world.

To learn more about Hunter and his work, go to:


Danny Arnoldussen
is a sensitive, passionate and playful man.

He is founder of GaySpiritFriends and Center for Movement & Relaxation.

Danny is an enthusiastic teacher of Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. After studying cultural & identity psychology, positive psychology and mindfulness, he is currently specializing in scientific methods for optimizing well-being and happiness.  He is also a enthusiastic practitioner of theatre sports and improvisational theatre from which he draws the necessary inspiration for the events. 

Ever since he could stand on both feet he has been practicing all kinds of dance styles. So during the events, he will always provide the necessary music and dances. He is also the person to go to for logistical questions. In addition, he will provide a number of workshops. 

David Jelinek
is an enthusiastic mover, sharp-minded with an empathic heart.

He is based in Ghent/Belgium, and works as an i
ntegrative therapist, psychophysical process worker ,and trauma therapist.

In addition to his basic therapeutic training, he's specialized in bodywork, trauma work (Somatic Experiencing), tantra, drama & movement therapy, and ritual work.


During the week retreat, David will offer a number of workshops in which body-oriented work, touch, developmental movement, dance, and exploration are basic components.

Do you want to know more about his general therapy & trauma work:

Bart Boschmans
is a dedicated, energetic man and a passionate foodie.

He studied hotel management, with specialization in cookery and everything related to receiving and looking after guests.

His big is passion is food and letting people enjoy his delicious dishes in a hospitable way. Bart has worked for years as a caterer in a secondary occupation, for both small and large groups.
Cooking for friends is his passion and his life.

He likes to immerse himself in the delicious dishes of Yotam Ottolenghi, as well as other famous chefs.

He is very much looking forward to providing delicious meals for you during the weekend and week retreat.