GaySpiritFriends and Spirit Journeys have been working together on a European retreat for gay, bisexual and queer men since 2011.

Spirit Journeys, an American organization, has been facilitating retreats, weekends and travel for gay, bisexual and queer men for over 25 years. Their facilitators have been inspiring men from all over the world with their beautiful workshops and travel.

GaySpiritFriends is a Dutch organization founded in 2011,for the sole purpose of bringing gay men together for meaningful connections.

After joining a Spirit Journeys retreat in New Mexico in 2011, I felt inspired to ask Hunter Flournoy (the new director and lead facilitator of Spirit Journeys) to join me in co-creating a similar event in Belgium.
It has been an amazing journey so far and we are still continuing the journey.

Our professional cooperation and also our friendship has grown over the last couple of years and we are excited to create our annual international gay retreat in Belgium. The event will take place in the first or second week of October each year.

We focus on an international group of gay, bisexual and queer men for our retreats.
All ages, nationalities, singles and couples are welcome.

Our mission is to bring like-minded gay, bisexual and queer men from all over the world together to be inspired, feel heartfelt connections with themselves and other men, to learn and grow, have an adventure and finally return home energized, inspired, more mindful and more compassionate with themselves and the world.
We offer multidisciplinary, cross-cultural program at the retreat in a safe, warm and fun environment. 

- Every journey starts with opening up to new possibilities and taking a first step! –
We invite you to join us for a beautiful, adventurous and inspiring week.

"Nothing happens, unless first a dream’’
- Carl Sandburg -

‘’Do or do not, there is no try’’
- Yoda -