Gay Retreat



So much more than just a gay holiday!

GaySpiritFriends  and Spirit Journeys team up to offer the 7th annual international retreat.  We welcome back all the guys from previous years, but also men who haven't attended our retreat before. 
WHO:       Gay/Bi/Queer men from all over the world. Singles and Partners welcome!
WHEN:     Saturday October the 6th - Friday October the 12th, 2018.
WHERE:   Charneux, Belgium. 

The magic of a retreat!
No matter how happy we are in life, a retreat offers us the opportunity to get away from the daily hustle of our lives and to distance ourselves from everything we think we know. It offers the possibility to experience ourselves, others and the world in a new powerful way. We create a safe space to re-experience what really matters to us, see our potentials and set new intentions in a powerful way. With new intentions set, it can become a new reality in our daily lives.

Why a 'gay' retreat?
Because part of our identity is being gay, bisexual or queer, we share certain themes that are important in our lives. In some ways they will be or can be very different from themes that straight men deal with in their lives. Having those things in common, can strengthen our bond and also help talking about them, feeling them etc. It makes us like-minded in those areas of our lives.

A gay retreat is also a wonderful opportunity to meet gay, bisexual and queer men in a whole different setting. Although we have more options to connect through social media and dating sites than ever before in history, the quality of our connections decreases. For deeper meaningful connections we need a social setting. There we have the opportunity to connect with our minds and hearts. A retreat offers a safe, social and often magical setting.

At our retreat, we will create supportive, loving community to understand and reclaim the gifts that each of us bring to this live.
So whoever you are, we would like you to be yourself the way you want to be.



We offer a variety of workshop experiences during the week and a multi-dimensional approach. The week is build up thematically from exploring the gifts of your shadows to celebrating your own unique talents and gifts. 
The week includes mindfulness, heartfulness, playfulness, meditation, shamanic work, breath work, body work, traditional trance dance, yoga, mantra singing, sweat lodge, dance, psychodrama, mindful touch, mindful movement, a community day and much more.
The entire program and more details will be handed out on the first day of the retreat. 


In addition to the workshop experiences, there will still be plenty of time to socialize and explore all corners of the attractive property Charneux or the beautiful surroundings. The property has several attractive spaces for you to retreat or socialize. There is also a 6-person sauna & infrared cabin, where you can relax.

There is also time for one-on-one shamanic healing, breathwork and coaching sessions with Hunter.

The sessions are scheduled during free times at the retreat and are for an additional fee.


The workshops are prevalent in American English. If there are problems with understanding or expressing, then of course we will give you a helping hand.
We can translate in Dutch or German, sometimes French. If you have any questions about this, please let us know. 


The old stone farmhouse dates back to + / - 1650 and originally served as a syrup distillery. Nowadays the farmhouse is used as a holiday accommodation after thorough renovation.

The accommodation is situated on a hill with beautiful views over the meadows. It is located in Herve, in the triangle Maastricht-Liege-Aachen. The accommodation has a large capacity and an interesting layout of rooms and floors. It exudes nostalgia and atmosphere and has many surprising rooms and corners to discover. The property also has a large attractive workshop space, where we will withdraw for the workshops.


Price: € 895, -
Early-Bird Price: 
€ 795, - (until March 31, 2018)
Questions?  Contact

There is a limited amount of sign ups possible, so we encourage to sign up as soon as possible. 
We encourage participants to take their own
travel and cancellation insurance!



- Overnight stays
- Workshops
- Breakfast / lunch / dinner
- Bed covers and sheets
- Yoga mats and blankets
- Bottled water (for workshops / refill)
- Drinks
- Wifi-connection
- 6-person sauna  & infrared cabin
- Use of community rooms (with pool table, shuffleboard, table tennis)


- Travel expenses
- Travel insurance and transfer.
We recommend everybody to take their own 
travel insurance and cancellation insurance.
- Costs for drinks and meal during the community day
will be for own account.
More information will be provided after sign up.

Healthy nutrition is central to our program, but we do not use extreme nutritional philosophy.
Our Burgundian Limburg nature and way of life will be at the forefront.
If there are any food allergies or special diets, please let us know when you book.
We will do our best to take this into account.

The group accommodation where we are staying offers wonderful authentic bedrooms.
There are 5,4 and 2-person bedrooms.
The rooms are randomly assigned upon arrival at the retreat.
We assume equality of everyone and an open attitude.
Single rooms are not available.
If necessary room assignments can be adjusted by mutual agreement.