TERMS & CONDITIONS International Gay Retreat

Article 1
1. In these general conditions shall apply:
A. Retreat: The retreat is organized by GaySpiritFriends, hereinafter referred to as Organizer.
B. Participant means a natural person, not acting as an entrepreneur, who has registered to participate in the retreat.
C. Main Booker: the Participant, not acting as an entrepreneur, who registered to participate in the retreat and introduces a Guest for the retreat.
D. Guest: by the Main Booker nominated person, not acting as an entrepreneur, who has registered to participate in the retreat.
E. Agreement: the agreement tending to Participant's participation in the retreat.
F. Organizer: GaySpiritFriends.

Article 2
1. Participation in the retreat is only possible for an individual who ,set by the Organizer, has at least the minimum age.
2. The Participant may only participate in the retreat when he will fill the application form fully, truthfully, if the fee is fully met at designated bank account and if the participant has agreed to these terms.
3. If the Participant is unable, for any reason whatsoever, to participate, then the rules and relevant cost of cancellation apply of Article 6.
4. The Organizer may in exceptional circumstances decide to cancel the retreat. If the retreat is canceled in time, the Organizer will refund the entry fee.
5. If the Participant appears too late for the start of the retreat, no (partial) refund of the fee is possible.
6. The Organizer may in exceptional circumstances decide to change the program of the retreat. In such case there is no refund of the entry fee.
7. A decision of the Organizer to cancel the retreat does not create liability for reimbursement of costs incurred by the Participant, including travel, accommodation and housing.

Article 3
1. Participation is at your own risk. The Organizer is not liable for any damage whatsoever which the Participant may suffer as a result of participation, unless this damage is the direct result of the Organizer’s attributable to intent or gross negligence. This disclaimer also applies to serious damage like all kinds of losses as a result of (permanent) injury or death.
2. If, notwithstanding the first paragraph of this article, liability of the Organizer for damage by the Participant must be assumed, the obligation of the Organizer to pay compensation may not exceed the amount that the insurer of the Organizer in respect of that damage will release.
3. The Participant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage he or kin may suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness caused by his participation in the retreat.
4. The Participant shall indemnify the Organizer for any damage that third parties may suffer as result of the Participant's acts or omissions relating to the participation in the retreat. The Participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for such damage.

Article 4
Right of Portrait
1. Participant grants permission in advance to the Organizer for disclosure of taken pictures, videos and other materials in which the Participant is visible during or around the retreat.
2. If there are plausible objections to this portrait right, then the Participant can send a written objection or email an objection to the Organizer.

Article 5
1. The personal details provided by the Participant will be filed by the Organizer.
2. The Participant, by entering into the Agreement, authorizes the Organizer to use the personal data for sending information to the Participant and authorizes the Organizer to send such data to third parties for sending information about their events to the Participant.
3. The Participant may at any time without charge object in writing or by e-mail to sending information by the Organizer or object against providing personal information to third parties. The Organizer will cease sending information once the objection has been received.

Article 6
Cancellation Policy
1. Cancellation of participation in the retreat is possible.
The following costs are associated with cancellation:
- If canceled before 31st of May 2019, the organizer charges € 50, - to the Participant.
- If canceled in June or July 2019, the Organizer charges 50% of the booking to the Participant.
- If canceled in August 2019, the Organizer charges 75% of the booking to the Participant.
- If canceled in September 2019, the full amount paid for the retreat will be charged.
2. Participation in the retreat by the Participant is personal. However, the Participant can send a substitute Participant who is able to join, under the following conditions:
- The Participant shall no later than August 31st 2019, inform the Organizer.
- The substitute Participant shall send all necessary data to the Organizer.
- The Organizer cancels the booking and will pay back the money to the Participant as soon as the booking and the money of the substitute Participant has been received.
To avoid misunderstandings, a written and signed cancellation must be sent to the Organizer.
We recommend the Participant to get his own travel- and cancellation insurance for unforeseen circumstances!

Article 7
1. The Main Booker can use the following discount options:
- Early Bird Discount: € 100, - discount for booking and paying before 31st of March 2019.
Price for the retreat will be € 795, -.
2. Payment in installments:
€ 300, - before March 31st / € 300, - before June 30th / € 295, - before September 30th.

Article 8
1. These general conditions and any agreement entered into between the Participant and the Organizer is subject to Dutch law.

Heerlen, November 1st, 2018 
Chamber of commerce no: 50098136