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You have 3 options this year that you can choose from, depending on what works best for you

1. Weekend (Intimate Connection Weekend): 3 days, Fri 7 - Sun 9 Oct, € 395 (Waiting List); more info
2. Week (International Gay Retreat): 7 days, Mo 10 - Sun 16 Oct, € 1095 (Waiting List); more info
3. Both (10-Year Anniversary Weekend + Week): 10 days, Fri 7 - Sun 16 Oct, € 1490 (Waiting List).

If you live outside of Europe you can transfer your payment into our Wisebusiness bank account. You can choose from the currencies below, depending on where you live. We'll have to add a couple of euros to cover international transaction costs. Also, keep in mind that the exchange rates can fluctuate. 

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