Joyful exploration, relaxation, fun and intimacy for GBTQ-men.
Co-created by GaySpiritFriends & Spirit Journeys.

When: Saturday Oct 5th - Thursday Oct 10th, 2024.
Check-In: Saturday, October 5th, 14.00h (2 pm)
Farewell: Thursday, October 10th, 12.00h (12 pm)

Charneux, Belgium
Price: € 1095,-

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment at our gay retreat, where the hero within you awaits. Step into the unknown, leaving behind societal constraints, and embrace your true identity with pride. Join fellow GBTQ men as you step into a safe space, where acceptance and belonging are nurtured. Our facilitators will guide you through the challenges, helping you unlock your potential to thrive. Explore the depths of your being in workshops designed to cultivate personal growth and connection. Return home transformed, armed with newfound confidence and new tools to grow and flourish.

The International Gay Retreat is built around four themes:
- Exploring the gifts in your shadows; what are our obstacles and challenges. 
- Celebrating your unique talents and gifts; what are our character strengths and resources. 
- Seeking a new vision and setting new intentions; what are our values that help us navigate our lives; setting meaningful goals. 
- Integrating and implementing all of these new insights when you go home again. 

The magic of a retreat!
No matter how happy we are in life, a retreat offers us the opportunity to get away from the daily hustle of our lives and to distance ourselves from everything we think we know.
It offers the possibility to experience ourselves, others and the world in a new powerful way.
We create a safe space to re-experience what really matters to us, see our potentials and set new intentions.
With new intentions set, we can experience a new reality in our daily lives.

Connection and Community: The Heartbeat of the GBTQ Experience.

In a world that often feels isolating, connection and community are pillars of strength for GBTQ men. These bonds provide a sanctuary where we can express our true selves, share our joys, and navigate our challenges without fear of judgment.

Many GBTQ men face "gay community stress", the unique community-specific pressures and challenges within their communities. These unique stressors can impact mental and emotional well-being and can lead to feelings of shame, anxiety and depression.
This is where the power of community comes into play. Being part of a supportive group helps mitigate these stresses, offering a network of shared experiences. Within a nurturing community, we find acceptance and inspiration to embrace our individuality and collective identity.

At our retreat, we help men learn about self-care, mutual support, and forming healthy relationships. We will create an environment where vulnerability is met with compassion, and every story is valued. This collective healing experience strengthens our resilience, enriches our connections, and empowers us to bring these positive changes back to our daily lives.

By investing in these connections, we improve our well-being and contribute to acceptance and equality. Remember, we are stronger together. Let's cherish and cultivate these connections, for they are the heartbeat of our shared experience.


We offer a variety of workshop experiences during the week and a multidisciplinary approach. 
Some of the workshops that you will experience during the week will be described below. 


Our breath is a powerful tool for health, healing, and transformation.
At the retreat, Hunter will introduce you to 21st-Century Conscious Connected Breathing.
He will provide you with amazing insight into your own breathing patterns, exercises to free your breath and practical skills you can use every day for the rest of your life.
Drawing from the latest discoveries of interpersonal neurobiology,  polyvagal theory, sports physiology, and proven spiritual practices from around the world, the conscious breathing practices offered can set your breath and your life free.
With powerful conscious breathing, you can:
- Breathe easy, recharge, relax, sleep better, and feel more at ease in your body.
- Relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and the little traumas life brings.
- Cultivate awareness, self-love, authentic power, and spiritual connection.


Hunter will introduce you to the Native American Sweat-lodge tradition.
He has trained, been initiated, and been given permission by his Two-Spirit Native Elders to pour water for (to facilitate) this ceremony and share these teachings and has been offering profound and safe sweat lodge ceremonies for over twenty years.

Sweat lodges have been or still are a tradition in many cultures around the world, including here in Europe.
It is, among other things, a very powerful ritual for purifying body and mind, connecting you with your own truth, and revealing new possibilities in your life.
It has the power to transform you in ways you couldn't imagine.
Hunter will guide you through the process in a very gentle, loving, and expert way, with the greatest respect for everyone’s personal boundaries.

The science of well-being and flourishing.

Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on understanding and promoting well-being, happiness, and fulfillment in individuals and communities. 

An important element in positive psychology is identifying and leveraging individual character strengths and values. By recognizing and utilizing our unique strengths, such as creativity, kindness, or perseverance, we can align our actions with our core values, leading to a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Setting meaningful goals that are aligned with our values and strengths is also crucial in Positive Psychology. By clarifying our aspirations and breaking them down into manageable steps, we can work towards realizing our optimal potential and leading a more purpose-driven life.

Our retreat will provide participants with practical tools and insights drawn from Positive Psychology to enhance their well-being, cultivate happiness, and navigate through life with greater meaning and fulfillment.

TIME SCHEDULE International Gay Retreat 2024
The schedule may be subject to minor changes. No rights can be derived from this schedule.

SATURDAY: Welcome and Orientation
14.00 Check In
15.00 Welcome soup & free time
16.00 Welcome Session
18.30 DINNER
20.00 Evening Session

SUNDAY: Reclaiming the Gifts in our Wounds
08.00 Morning Practice
10.30 Morning Session
13.00 LUNCH & Free Time
16.00 Afternoon Session
18.30 DINNER
20.00 Evening Session

MONDAY: Purification
08.00 Morning Practice
10.30 Morning Session
13.00 LUNCH
14.00 Afternoon Session: sweat lodge
18.30 DINNER
20.00 Evening Session

TUESDAY: Renewing our Light & Finding our Vision
08.00 Morning Practice
10.30 Morning Session
13.00 LUNCH & Free Time
16.00 Afternoon Session
18.30 DINNER
20.00 Evening Session

WEDNESDAY: Celebration & Integration
08.30 Morning Practice
10.30 Morning Session
13.00 LUNCH & Free Time
16.00 Afternoon Session (2h)
18.30 DINNER
20.00 Evening Session

08.30 Morning Practice
10.00 Goodbye Session
11.00 Packing
12.00 Goodbye


The old stone farmhouse dates back to + / - 1650 and originally served as a syrup distillery. Nowadays the farmhouse is used as a holiday accommodation after thorough renovation.

The accommodation is situated on a hill with beautiful views over the meadows. It is located in Herve, in the triangle Maastricht-Liege-Aachen. The accommodation has a large capacity and an interesting layout of rooms and floors. It exudes nostalgia and atmosphere and has many surprising rooms and corners to discover. The property also has a large attractive workshop space, where we will withdraw for the workshops.


Included and not included in your week

- Lodging in a beautifully renovated 17th century farmhouse, with 21st century comfort;
- Tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
- Suggestions and help with travel arrangements;
- Inspiring fun workshops and lively discussions​;
- Lovely hiking trails through the wandering hills of the Belgian and Dutch countryside;
- Free time every afternoon and playful, soulful experiences with GBTQ-men from around the world;
- Steam Sauna, and use of community rooms (with pool table, shuffleboard, table tennis).

- Travel and transfer costs;
- Insurances: we recommend that everyone purchase travel, cancellation, and liability insurance.
- Bedsheets and towels are not included in the price. You can select these for a small additional price in the webshop during registration.
- Costs for drinks and meals outside the house. 

- Beautiful rituals and ceremonies like an Ancestor Ritual and Traditional Trance Dance;
- Mindful and compassionate touch, movement, setting boundaries, and community practices; 
- Fun energizers, meditation, psychodrama, and writing exercises;
- Lovely and nourishing meals;
- Relaxation, hugging, music, dancing, laughing, and more than enough playfulness; 

The entire program and more details will be handed out on the first day of the retreat. 


All workshops will be presented in English. We can translate it into Dutch or German. During exercises and breaks, or if you have questions, you are free to express yourself in your native language. Occasionally, we may be able to offer some translations in other languages, but only if there are participants who can help with those translations. 


There are NO single rooms available. All rooms accommodate 2, 3, or 4 people. You will be randomly assigned to a room.


Please be aware that you are staying in group accommodations!
While it's a beautiful house, we have limited space to relocate people to other sleeping areas. If you are aware that you have a significant snoring issue we recommend exploring possible solutions before signing up. In the spirit of fostering a harmonious environment for everyone, we will have to
relocate heavy snorers to a separate sleeping area. In our experience, most light sleepers sleep well during our events, but they should be aware that they do not sleep alone in the bedrooms. We will place light sleepers together where possible.

THE ACCOMMODATION, limitations and possibilities

THE ACCOMMODATION, limitations and possibilities
We will be staying in a beautiful old renovated stone farmhouse with a large capacity and an interesting layout of rooms and floors. Please note that there might be some steps and staircases that could pose challenges for some individuals. If you have any serious disabilities, please contact us first to discuss possibilities and limitations. This is a residential retreat: all participants are required to lodge in the house (rather than hotels, camper vans, or local accommodations).


We do not follow any specific nutritional philosophy, but we do our best to provide plenty of healthy, delicious food, including a mix of tasty Burgundian local dishes prepared by our professional cook. If you have any dietary restrictions, or if you are vegetarian or vegan, we will do our best to accommodate you. There will be an opportunity to mention it later in a questionnaire we will send you after you've signed up for the event. 

TRAVEL SERVICE (plane, car, train)

TRAVEL SERVICE (plane, car, train)
We can help you with extra suggestions to plan your trip.
Some flight suggestions:
- Flight to Brussels Airport (Belgium) and follow-up journey by train, approximately 1 hour. 
- Flight to Amsterdam Airport (Netherlands) and follow-up journey by train, approximately 3-4 hours. 
- Flight to Cologne-Bonn Airport (Germany) and follow-up journey by train, approximately 1,5 hours.
- We will create a carpool suggestion list once we have relevant sign-ups to make combinations. 
- Travel buddies can be a fun part of your journey. 
- The location is easy to reach by car and parking is free. 


Besides the workshops offered, there is also plenty of free time to get to know the other men, take time for yourself and explore every corner of the beautiful house, or take a nice walk in the surroundings. There is also a 6-person sauna where you can relax and a recreation room where you can play games (including a pool table, shuffleboard, and table tennis). Nearby is an old monastery with a store where you can buy various regional products.