After a wonderful 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY retreat in October 2022, we will go back in 2023!

You can participate in just the weekend, just the week, or both!

  1. The Intimate Connection Weekend: 3 days, from Fri 29th of Sept - Sun 1st of Oct 2023.

  2. The International Gay Retreat: 7 days, from Mo 2nd of Oct - Sun 8th of Oct 2023.

  3. Both: 10 days, from Fri 29th of Sept - Sun 8th of Oct 2023.

The Intimate Connection Weekend is an inspiring weekend, designed to help you open your heart, grow your capacity for intimacy, and build healthy, resilient relationships.
It precedes the International Gay Retreat and can be booked separately or together. 

The International Gay Retreat is a whole week built around four themes: Exploring the gifts in your shadows, Celebrating your unique talents and gifts, Seeking a new vision and setting new intentions, Integrating and implementing all of these new insights when you go home again. 

We offer a variety of workshop experiences during both events and
a playful multidisciplinary approach, drawing from spirituality, psychology
and new discoveries in the field of personal development.